Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why I love MM

Since this is my first real post, I felt it was necessary to clarify. Why do I love MM (m x m, m/m, man x man, call it whatever you like)? Why do women, in general, love MM?
To be honest, I never questioned this preference myself. However, it seems that many people do. A few months ago I stumbled upon a thread in a forum regarding women and MM. The author of the thread, a gay man, was wondering why women are fascinated by gay romance. There were a lot of answers including mine, each of them containing various theories, but, in the end, no one was able to truly understand why we love MM so much.
Truth be told, I mainly believe we're perverts. That's the truth! Any human being, for that matter, is a pervert in their own way. But, while most men probably prefer porn over literature, women prefer the latter. We love to read and let the words inspire images in our minds that otherwise we couldn't experience in reality. And what is sexier, hotter and more beautiful then two (or more) men together?
Secondly, I think it's a sort of possessiveness.We want our fantasy men to be ours and ours alone! We don't want another woman in the mix. Why should we? Another woman would simply ruin the perfect image, we'd probably see in her our biggest rival: a woman who's better than us, more beautiful, more confident; we'd over-analyze her in hope of finding a flaw and a reason to hate her and, in the end, we'd end up hating the whole story. On the other hand, a man... well, a man it's a totally different kind of story. And if he's just as sexy as our main character, than fuck yeah! So, you see, in  my opinion, women who like MM are probably selfish. They want to live in a world where they are the only women around. Of course, this is just a theory, but, personally, I think it stands.
Some women motivate their choice by stating that we want the possibility to experience something that we can't experience in real life because we wore born as part of a different gender; as a result, by reading MM we like to pretend we're men.
Others believe that female characters are boring and not complex enough, an opinion which I don't rally to simply because I believe our own subconscious is telling us to consider them boring because we're actually jealous of them being the main characters; but, of course, that's only my opinion and it's useless going into psychology matters when we aren't professionals in this domain.
Let's be honest, the motivation behind women loving MM is complex and probably variates from individual to individual. The fact remains that the majority of MM readers are women.
I'm one of them and I love MM for all of the above reasons. MM is a good, senseless way to relax and let your imagination run wild, create a universe of your own, a perfect little world where gorgeous men love each other fearlessly and you are allowed to watch. It really is voyeuristic hobby and that makes it even more exciting. So, for those of you women out there who haven't tried it, listen to my advice and give a good book a try. In my following posts I'll give my best to recommend only good and touching romance stories. This is not book reviews blog. Take it rather as a guide into the world of MM. I will teach you a good way in which you can discover it.